25th Birthday

Now that I am turning a quarter century old, I feel like I need to do something special. So, inspired by the folks at Birthday Challenge, I’ve decided to come up with my own birthday challenge. Most people do something hardcore like run x miles and drink x beers and climb x pitches, where x is your new age, all in one day, but since I am a wimp I have decided to spread mine out over two and a half weeks. So, starting with my special birthday trip to Bishop this weekend for some bouldering, and ending on my real birthday (May 31), I am going to attempt to complete the following list:
1. Climb 25 boulder problems. Hopefully I will finish this one this weekend. I did 24 in a day for my 24th, but that was at Pine Mountain so it wasn’t too hard to find V0’s.
2. Run 25 miles. I know, some (OK, lots) of people can do this in a day or an afternoon or a couple of hours, but trust me, it will take me at least two weeks.
3. Bike 250 miles. Commuting counts- that should take care of 40 miles a week.
4. Walk 25 dogs at DAWG, the local dog rescue. I’m not sure they actually have that many different dogs so I am going to say repeats count.
5. Try 25 new foods. And this means totally new dishes, not just a burrito with a different type of salsa or something.
6. Learn to like coffee and stop sleeping so damn much.

Feel free to offer more suggestions for me. I will post my progress here!

5 thoughts on “25th Birthday

  1. Adele, you are absolutely awsome. These are all noteworthy goals and I believe I can help with the food goal…as long as it doesn’t involve eating anything that is still alive.You certainly make me feel like 25x Mommy!

  2. Seriously- all look interesting, thoughtful and involve lots of time. Now that you’re getting old you may need to be more mindful of the reality of time, especially someone like you who works a lot. How about 5 boulders, 5 running miles, 5 dog walks, 5 bike miles and 5 new foods. Still = 25 and quite a challenge. Any spare time could be spent with your Mahjong group.

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