If Bishop were a man, I would marry him

Bouldering in the Buttermilks was awesome. Unfortunately, I only finished 18 of my 25 boulder problems, so I will have to finish up in Santa Barbara at some point. Also, trying new foods was difficult while camping, since I was pretty much limited to what they sell at AM/PM on the drive up and food brought with them. So here’s my tally:
1. 18 out of 25 boulder problems. I will try to post a list later.
2. Running mileage: 0
3. Bike mileage: 4. Got a flat in the first mile on the way to school this morning. How do nails end up in the bike path anyway?
4. Dogs: 0. Speaking of dogs, hot desert sand is really hard on their pads. We had some unhappy, tired dogs this weekend.
5. Foods: 5. (Pickled okra: gross. Red Bull: tastes strangely like sweet tarts but somehow more disturbing. Whatchamacallit bar: not very exciting. Mint Oreos: tasty. Corn nuts: not bad.)
6. Coffee: no success yet. I drank half a small latte from Peets and then had to give Kelly the rest.

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