Aloe is a food?

First of all, John Day posted some pictures from Bishop here. Also, an update on food… I had some Greek-style yogurt this morning (honey flavored). It was pretty good, but a little rich for breakfast food, so I think I will save it for dessert in the future. Also, I had some aloe juice. I didn’t realize that aloe could be food (and now I think it shouldn’t). It was weird and gross.

Here are my totals so far:
1. 18/25 boulder problems
2. 5.2/25 running miles
3. 34/250 bike miles
4. 0/25 dogs
5. 8/25 foods
6. coffee is gross

I also feel like I need to explain my thoughts on coffee. That’s the one thing people keep giving me crap about. I don’t want to be one of those people who needs coffee every morning, and I realize it is not good for me and all that, but the fact is that I sleep 9 hours every night. 9 hours! Sometimes I just don’t have time for that, and it’s getting to the point where I need my caffeine/ sugar combo almost every day anyway, but it comes in the form of coke or chai or tea and cookies or something else equally sugary. So all I’m really trying to do is eliminate the sugar and be able to stomach some coffee occasionally when I really need it.

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