I need to start getting up earlier.

Kelly and I went biking this morning at 8. Which is usually OK except that this time we biked 28 miles, which is kind of a lot for the morning, so I didn’t get to school until 10:45, which is pretty bad. Guess I will be working late tonight.

I also tried some new foods- I had a plantain sandwich (they use fried plantains instead of bread) at Dish Cafe. It was pretty good but then when I went running later I felt like my stomach was on fire or something. I think it was just too much fried stuff since it also came with fries and then I was really hungry so I also ate some of Kelly’s fries and Jenny’s tortilla chips. All these years away from the south have made my stomach weak! I also tried Kefir, which I guess is like plain yougurt except more plain. It’s almost unbearable on its own but OK with cereal that adds a little flavor and sugar. Goji berries came in a dried mix with a bunch of other stuff and I’m honestly not sure what was what, but they weren’t particularly inspiring. And that takes care of everything Trader Joe’s sells that I have not tried. I need to find another grocery store.

New totals:
1. 18/25 boulder problems
2. 7.3/25 running miles
3. 69/250 bike miles
4. 4/25 dogs (Trinity, Patrick, London, and Lucy, my favorite 2 1/2 legged dog. I swear, she uses her tail to walk.)
5. 11/25 foods (plantain sandwich, Kefir, goji berries)
6. french vanilla flavored coffee mixed in equal parts with milk isn’t too terrible

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