No climbing this weekend…

Unfortunately, Toberer’s got some sore tendons in his hands so we can’t climb this weekend. Instead, we are biking, running, and eating new foods. Tonight I had African Ground Nut Stew from Sojourner Cafe. It was good, very much like masuman curry- dark brown, sweet, coconut-based, but more stew-y. Also, we went to the asian grocery store and got some candy- gummy kiwi candy and chocolate covered strawberry gummy things. Both are good. I also bought some stuff that I think is like a custard pudding mix but I’m not really sure because there’s no English on the label. I’ll have to try that tomorrow. And green tea ice cream, but I’ve had that before.

1. 18/25 boulders
2. 7.3/25 run miles
3. 122/250 bike miles
4. 8/25 dogs
5. 15/25 foods
6. no coffee

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