Coffee is good

I am proud to say that I only slept 8 hours last night and I feel pretty good. Here’s what I’ve been up to since the last update:
-ate weird asian pudding stuff. it wasn’t as strange as you might think.
-had cajun chicken fusili pasta dish at The Palace. this only counts as new because I always get steak with an artichoke heart and hollandaise sauce there and this time I didn’t. That was the point of this part of the challenge. Pasta was good (and much cheaper) but their steak is still better.
-ran San Ysidro trail. OK, so I walked most of the uphill part, but it was really steep and rocky! I’m counting it as a run since my heart rate going up never went below about 180 even when I was walking. I didn’t go all the way to the top but my Nike+Ipod pedometer tell me I went 5.76 miles total.
-25 mile bike ride this afternoon (not including commute)
-walked Lucy (again), Zippy, and Trinity. Speaking of dogs, if you (whoever may still be reading this) were adopting this dog, what would you name him? I’m voting for Rowdy but I’m not sure the person actually adopting him agrees.

New totals (by the way, I suck at math apparently, so my run total should have been 8.3 not 7.3 last time)
1. 18/25 boulders
2. 14/25 run miles
3. 155/250 bike miles
4. 11/25 dogs
5. 17/25 foods
6. looked forward to coffee this afternoon (but it was still mostly milk)

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