my legs hurt

not from exercise, though. I went to the physical therapy yesterday morning, where they keep trying to convince me that my calves are incredibly tight and that’s why my shin splints won’t go away. I guess normal stretching isn’t enough so he gave me a calf “massage” that involved poking at all the inflammed (painful) parts of my legs and pinching me all over my calves for fascia release. It was horrible. Then he told me I should get a massage once a month, which sounds good except that he also said that if it doesn’t hurt it’s not really doing anything. My legs are so sore that when I went biking yesterday every time I hit a bump and my calves jiggled it really hurt. Actually, even walking kind of hurts every time I take a step and my calf moves. Plus my armpit hurts from having my shoulder worked on. But I guess that’s the price I pay to have it never hurt again.

Also, I tried bitter melon from the farmer’s market with dinner last night. Surprisingly enough, it was incredibly bitter. Also, I had chana masala at lunch Wednesday. Tasty.

1. 18/25 boulders
2. 23/25 run miles (yay! almost done)
3. 195/250 bike miles
4. 15/25 dogs (Polly, Bryce, Cammie, and Shiba)
5. 21/25 foods
6. no coffee

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