Really, Really Almost Done

Finished bouldering at Brickyard, tried 4 new foods (Thai-style wonton soup- yummy, Prik King curry- excellent peanutty green bean curry, chili fish- very tasty fried fish with veggies in chili sauce, all at Your Place, and a wheatgrass shot at Blender’s). The wheat grass did taste like grass, but it wasn’t as bad as I expected. Also, 20 mile bike ride (up Farren Rd.) and walked Patrick, Polly, Shelby, and Tommy. And I decided to give coffee- real coffee, not the vanilla kind- another try. It was AWFUL. No matter how much milk I added. I want to throw up just thinking about it. The funny thing is, when I added a little vanilla extract (no sugar), it made it very drinkable. Not good, but bearable.

1. 25/25 boulder problems
2. 24/25 run miles
3. 257/250 bike miles
4. 23/25 dogs
5. 28/25 foods
6. still not a coffee drinker

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