I am now finished with everything.
1. 25/25 boulders
2. 28/25 run miles
3. 280/250 bike miles
4. 25/25 dogs (Polly & Patrick again)
5. 28/25 foods
6. Can tolerate coffee

Walking that many dogs was the hardest part, mostly because I was restricted to normal business hours (i.e. when I am supposed to be working) and also because it’s pretty time consuming (20-30 min per dog= 10-12 hours of dog walking). I think the only other thing that took that long was biking (~15mph=16 hrs biking) but I have to do that to get to school anyway. Bouldering ended up being a lot of hours, especially if you count the 5 hr drive to Bishop each way, but I would have done that anyway and it was a weekend. Running and foods were surprisingly easy.

Next year, I think I am going to pick a mountain to summit. Any suggestions?

2 thoughts on “Conclusions

  1. Congratulations!Check out Aconcaugua, 22829 feet,the highest peak in the Americas. It’s on the border of Chile & Argentina just a couple of hours from Santiago.

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