Packing for trips like this gives me an idea of what it must be like each December for Santa Claus.  I keep making my lists and checking them twice.  As a friend pointed out the dilemma of doing a trip like this solo, is that if I forget something its all on me, I won’t have a traveling companion to have remembered it.

At least one item on the tarp didn’t make it in the final bag.

It seems I already have several followers before the trip has really begun, thanks to my publicist (Jeanni). One of my readers (Meg), suggested that I let everyone know the total mileage and total elevation gain/loss of the trip.  I wish I could provide all of this information, however, I cannot.  The total mileage of the California Coast is approx. 1038 miles, 1670 km for those of you who prefer metric.  However, the itinerary I have planned includes some side trips through redwood groves, bringing the total up to around 1049 miles (1688 km).  I may also tack on an extra 40 or so miles if I choose to tour through the Lost Coast.  

I also want to say thanks to everyone who has already written me either offering me a place to stay, or company for a few hours or several days.  Of course, my friends tend to be geographically concentrated and although many of you have offered me places to stay when I bike through San Diego, I think I’ll be okay for that date.  

The packed trailer.


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