Oregon border

I have almost completed the non human powered portion of my trip. After a day and a half of driving I have covered the same distance it will take me two plus weeks to pedal. I can also report that although I drove up on the map it is not going to be downhill the entire way back to San Diego.

All in all the drive was uneventful. However, it turns out rental cars were made far more recently than my truck, so the cassete adapter I brought for my noniPhone was not so useful. I didn’t even make it an hour out of Santa Barbara this morning before stopping at a best buy and picking up an audio cable.

Tomorrow starts the big ride and I already need to thank several people. First off thanks to my publicist(Jeanni) for the burrito and the ride from San Diego to Santa Barbara. Also, I have to thank the twins (Kyle and Emily) and Barlo for the cookies and pretty pictures. Lastly, thanks to my boss from my park rangering days for the couch to sleep on after I finish typing out this post on my phone.

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