Day One

If I said today was 100% fun I would partially be lying. To fully explain this statement, I will also answer Jeramy’s question in the comment section about my gross vehicular weight. Although I don’t know the weight of my bike or the trailer offhand, I do know that all my gear in the trailer weighs in at around 40 lbs. Which gets back to my orignal statement that today wasn’t 100% fun. It turns out towing this much weight can get a bit squirelly. It took me about 5 miles before I was willing to clip in to my pedals. After that I settled in to a nice speed and toured through the farmland north of Crescent City. One stretch of road had been recently repaved with an incredibly wide bike lane. Just north of Crescent City I biked along the coast on Pebble Beach Road (didn’t see a golf course though) and snapped some photos of sea stacks to the sound of barking seals.

After leaving Crescent City the road heads UP climbing what are known as the Crescent City Hills. I quickly learned that climbing out of the saddle is not really an option with a trailer. However as I was sucking wind up the hill my friend Linda passed me and pulled out at the next vista point, greeting me with an ice cold coke! After catching my breath (from drinking the coke so quickly!) I continued upward to a high point of 1200 feet.

The ride went through some beautiful redwoods, which I must admit I didn’t spend nearly enough time admiring as I was worried about covering all the miles to Elk Creek campground where I was meeting Linda and her kids for a night of camping. At the campground Linda outdid herself once again by making burritos for dinner, of which I ate two!

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3 thoughts on “Day One

  1. I love sea stacks! Can't wait to see those pictures!!I'm also totally impressed by your hill climbing while weighed down abilities. I think I've only ever made it to about half that elevation on my bike, and I was only weighed down by 2 sandwiches. (Though Ferdinand says he could go much higher if he had a more macho rider. Hmph.)

  2. There is nothing better than that feeling you get from sucking back an ice cold coke on a really hot day, and you get that tingle in the back of your throat and your eyes are forced to close. I equate it to almost blacking out. Excellent feeling!! Keep on truckin'!

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