Day Two

Mileage: 54.4 miles
Total mileage: 113.5

This morning I had to finally say goodbye to Linda and her twins. Shortly after bidding farewell I had a trip first, and hopefully last. I fell over. Oops. I dropped the chain on my bike and although I got my foot down the weight of the trailer had momentum that I couldn’t stop. This occurred before I had even left the campground.

The route today was much less hilly, but involved some rolling hills along the coast. Aside from my falling incident I felt comfortable with the weight for the first time today, and putting the day one nerves and doubts behind me. As I ride I tend to come up with “witty” phrase, that I would have mentioned at the time but fortunately no one else was there. For instance, every time I passed a slow traffic keep right sign I would comment to myself “don’t mind if I do!” Like I said, its probably better no one was there.

Today I saw several other groups of folks biking, and in fact I met a woman this morning who has been biking since Alaska! I ended up riding about 15 miles with a guy from Colorado who has been riding since Seattle. After many hours of travel alone its nice to have a conversation, and also nice that when the paces don’t match to just pull away. The company was nice today as it overlapped with where the bike touring map took us on some dirt paths. Turns out road tires plus a trailer plus uphill on gravel isn’t a winning combination.

Originally, I planned on camping at the KOA campground outside of Eureka, but on passing it I noticed it would be loud and involve crossing 4 lanes of traffic on 101. Instead I pedaled another bit to Eureka where I got a hotel room, and where I am currently enjoying dinner and a beer at the lost coast brewery. Nothing like a day of riding to warrant clam chowder, a portabello mushroom sandwich, fries, and a pint of the alleycat amber. I bet you’ll never guess who made it in the clean plate club tonight!

Also I hope you can tell from the photo that I passed a coffee shop called the jitter bean today. Almost jittery Joe’s!

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7 thoughts on “Day Two

  1. Gad to hear you are getting comfortable with the weight, I can't imagine! I tried out a road bike with Jill on Friday! Can't wait to join the "big kids bike club."

  2. Hahaha…I have to admit, I would have laughed out loud when I heard you say "don't mind if I do." See…I'm a little worried since I couldn't make it out there that you will start second guessing whether you should be making comments like that! Keep it up!

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