Day Four

Mileage: 67.6 miles
Total: 255.8 miles

While riding today I was pondering how to describe touring to others. What I came up with or realized, is that if each of you imagines getting up and then at 8:30 or 9:00am instead of going to work you just started pedaling, taking a couple of food and photobreaks, and then kept pedaling until the end of your workday at around 5 or so, well that’s touring. Or at least that’s my typical day.

Today was another big day, not just in mileage but also because of a big climb. Today was the climb up and over Legett Hill, which at 1950 feet is the highest point of the ride. Today also marked the last day of riding along 101 until central California, as the route switched to highway 1. I was fortunate again today to have the company of Lena and Kaitlin as well as Herman, who is touring here solo twenty years after he and his wife did the ride together.

After how it felt to climb the Crescent City Hills on day one, I was fearing the worst. Either Legett Hill wasn’t so bad or I am getting used to riding with the load. However, Legett Hill wasn’t the only challenge today. After descending all the way down to sea level, there was another 680 foot hill, and after this descent we were at the coast. It keeps amazing me on this trip, even moving at a biking pace how quickly the scenery and the climate and ecosystem seems to change.

The last part of the day involved lots of rolling hills along the coast. Its going to be a fun next few days seeing how the coast changes as I pedal further south. Sorry there are no photos from today, I took them on my camera and just didn’t get the phone out.

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