Day Three

Mileage: 74.7 miles
Total: 188.2 miles

First off I am bummed because I typed out this post yesterday and the draft got lost after a failed update. Here is what happened on day three.

I started out in Eureka after a good nights rest and the free breakfast at the hotel I was staying at. The ride out of town was a bit hectic due to lots of traffic on 101. However, it quickly mellowed out and the riding became quite enjoyable. Not too far out of town I passed a guy from Colorado who I had briefly ridden with the day before. Our paces differed and I pulled ahead.

One of the high points of the day was getting off 101 onto the Avenue of the Giants scenin byway. The riding was gorgeous and I kept stopping to take pictures of the redwood groves. Which I am kind of wondering what it would take to get the Spike Redwood Grove because every ten yards it seemed there was a grove named for someone else. However, one of the highlights of the road was a produce stand in Pepperwood offering blackberry popsicles. I almost had a second one, also the owners of the stand (Holly and Mel) were really friendly and provided a bathroom and a place to refill water bottles. After another bit of riding I came to the campground I had originally planning on stopping at. There I met Lena and Kaitlin ( who were also debating carrying on since it was only 2pm. I joined them and we pedaled on another 25 miles to Benbow Lake. In Garberville we also enjoyed pedaling through a drive through coffee shop. Although I rarely drink coffee I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to pedal thru. Fortunately the menu also listed smoothies in any flavor, I inquired and any flavor was strawberry, strawberry and banana, or pina colada. Always a sucker for cocunut I went for the pina colada.

And I apologize for all typos and poor grammar. I type these posts out at the end of the day then upload them when I have signal.

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One thought on “Day Three

  1. That redwood will go into the datasheet as DBH > Oscar Rrramon + Bob.Oh, and, "I just happened to bike an extra 25 miles today". HA! Right. No biggie.

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