Day Ten

Mileage: 65.0 miles
Total: 533.3 miles

The ride today was a great one with a strong tailwind most of the day. This morning, after a good night of sleep, Kelly and I hit the road. After about ten miles of riding we made it to San Gregorio State Beach, which happens to be my Dad’s favorite beach. We stopped took some photos and pedaled on. Today was a great day for riding, mostly due to the massive tailwind we had for most of the day.

Forty miles into our ride we stopped at a fruit stand advertising all sorts of tasty berry treats. They also offered a 10% discount to bike tourers. However, we realized that is probably because we don’t want to carry change. We payed full price at least to avoid picking up any heavy change. I also have to point out that they had several games that visitors could play, including everyone’s favorite French car racing card game, Milles Borne. Today we also biked past several pumpkin patches making it really feel like fall.

Interestingly, today was not the first time Kelly and I have biked the stretch of highway 1 north of Santa Cruz. We were revisiting part of the bike course of the Big Kahuna Half Ironman triathlon we did in 2007. I think we are both far more aware of the scenery now after riding it out of our aerobars and looking around. Perhaps removing a 13.1 mile run from the day makes one a bit more relaxed as well.

Tomorrow I will continue my highway 1 race tour as we pedal the Big Sur marathon course, which I also ran in 2007. For whatever reason highway 1 keeps luring me back for another endurance challenge.

Tonight we also reconnected with Lena and Kaitlin, who I rode with for a couple of days last week in a campground outside of Capitola.

Today also marks me passing the mileage halfway point!

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3 thoughts on “Day Ten

  1. I thought of you today as I jogged with Anya. It is hard enough jogging 4 miles while pushing a 23 lbs baby + stroller weight. I can't imagine biking hundreds of miles while pulling 40 lbs!

  2. Yay Jenny!!! Congrats! By the sounds of your posts, it sounds like you are really enjoying your ride. Keep up the good work! All of us here are pulling for you. The office is a bit empty these days. See you next week!

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