Day Eleven

Mileage: 73.0 miles
Total: 606.3 miles

If I didn’t seem appreciative enough for yesterday’s tailwind in my post, then I would like to apologize. Because today the wind was certainly not in our favor. At one point I was tempted to shift into my smallest chain ring so I could pedal downhill! I assure you, I am not exaggerating. Kelly certainly did not appreciate this turn of the winds after such good trail luck yesterday.

Today was also a day firsts. It was the first rain of the trip. Fortunately, it was just drizzling off and on as we pedaled along the Big Sur coast. It was also the first day along the Big Sur coast, but here I get ahead of myself.

While riding today I was once again wowed by how quickly the scenery along the coast changes. After leaving Brighton State Beach this morning Kelly and I biked through farms on our way Monterey. The riding was quite pleasant as it was mostly on back roads and bike paths. Since both Kelly and I have been to Monterey before we decided not to stop and pushed on out of town and south to Big Sur.

While biking the stretch of road from Carmel to Big Sur you can see the mile markers painted on the road for the Big Sur marathon. I kept asking Kelly what she thought of the course, and she pointed out that it must be all downhill since we had only been climbing. Again, thanks headwind for making the downhill not so easy. While biking the marathon course in reverse I had several realizations:
1. Marathons are friggin long.
2. The Big Sur course is hard, why would anyone want to run it.
3. I want to run the Big Sur Marathon again.

I apologize for the lack of photos today, but the phone was running low on batteries. Don’t fret though, there will be plenty of camera photos to post later!

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3 thoughts on “Day Eleven

  1. Do Big Sur and I'll totally come and do the 5k walk really slowly so that I can wander across the road in front of you as you try to run by! Um, I mean, maybe I should just cheer…

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