Day Fifteen

Mileage: 35.0 miles
Total: 841.2 miles

Today we made it to Santa Barbara, which means the end of the line for Kelly. I was definitely happy to have a shorter day today, with plenty of time to rest, relax, and get a massage from Ericka Buckley, massage therapist extraordinaire! This morning Linda biked out to Gaviota and rode back to Goleta with us, where our food tour of Santa Barbara began with breakfast burritos at La Carreta! I was also greeted there with a surprise guest, my doggie Shasta. It was great to see her and get some woo time. After breakfast we followed the bike path through UCSB taking some photos in front of where we used to work.

Turns out Santa Barbara is as gorgeous as we remembered it!

Tomorrow as I pedal off to Malibu and southwards I gain a new travelling companion. It’s going to be another great few days on the road as Adele and I pedal to Mexico.

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