Day Seventeen

Mileage: 76.0 miles
Total: 980.1 miles

Los Angeles. Today was the day of biking around/through this massive sprawling city. Now that I have biked through LA I never have to again. In fact the following conversation occurred while navigating the city.

Me: Adele, are you hungry?
Adele: No, I don’t know. I think I’m just terrified.
Me: Maybe that’s what I’m feeling.
Adele: That burning sensation in the pit of your stomach.
Me: Yeah, I think that’s it.

The morning started out pleasantly enough as we biked along the coast through Malibu. However, after 25 miles of navigating the Pacific Coast Highway we were thrilled to get onto a bike path. Although, a sand shark did jump out and get me causing my bike to slide out from under me, leading to me sliding for a few feet on the pavement. A guy behind us yelled at us for stopping where we did (since obviously most people stop by lying over on their side when riding). That guy then crashed five feet further ahead, we of course did not yell at him for stopping where he did. We then pedaled on to Redondo Beach, along bike paths, where we met Anneke and Anya for lunch. Anya (who is 10 months) provided some really interesting conversation, and played a game of fetch with me, where she enjoyed throwing her book on the floor just to watch me pick it up. Apparently, I am easily trained.

After leaving Anneke we had to leave the bike path and venture across Los Angeles. The bike route went east to catch the LA River bike trail. I can also tell you I have never been more happy to see the “scenic” LA River. Pavement and water never looked so pretty. Once to the river we were able to once again follow bike paths to Sunset Beach, where we got a hotel for the night, due to the lack of campgrounds in the LA area. Tomorrow, we push on to San Diego county. I find it hard to believe I have pedaled this far, and that I am only 2 days away from my end point, the Mexican border.

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