Day Nineteen

Mileage: 44.1 miles
Total: 1097.1 miles

I was tempted to put this post off until tomorrow, but figured I better stick with my evening regimen. For nineteen days life was simple, eat, pedal, eat, pedal, type a blog post, sleep. Repeat. Reaching the end of my tour involves mixed emotions. I am thrilled to have finished this trip, but at the same time sad that it is over. However, enough with this and on to the details of my last day of touring the California coast.

This morning after a tasty camp breakfast we hit the road. No sooner had we turned out of the campground onto the coast highway than George (the Bob trailer) got a flat. Apparently, he wanted to be just like Oscar Rrramon. I do have to admit it makes sense that George would make such a copycat move, he has been following Oscar Rrramon around for the past 19 days. Also, the flat was good because it helped me justify carrying the beefy spare tube the trailer requires for all those miles.

With a fresh tube in the bob named George, we began our journey to the border. I thought of today’s ride as being similar to the last day of the Tour de France, a day of celebration and perhaps more leisurely riding. Even though my ride was far less challenging, and involved far fewer classified climbs and fewer miles than Le Tour, I am okay with this analogy, and I feel I earned my celebratory last stage to the border. The morning started with the last significant climb of the ride as we pedaled up the hill at Torrey Pines, we even opted for the steeper grade through the state park. When we pedaled past UCSD a couple of my labmates came out to say hello. Fortunately, Michelle is recovering from a cold and was too plugged up to smell us. I don’t think Chia-chen was so lucky.

Our celebration day continued as we pedaled down to Point Loma and enjoyed snack time and cokes courtesy fo Barlo and Jeff. We then pushed on along the harbor and took the ferry with our bikes to Coronado Island. On Coronado we headed straight to Moo time Creamery, where we enjoyed massive sundaes, narrowly avoiding food comas. Energized with sugar we pedaled down the silver strand and through Imperial Beach to the border. I opted for Border Field right on the water as opposed to the actual border crossing. Soon after reaching the border a familiar white station wagon appeared for the ride home. Thanks Jeanni for allowing the trip to come full circle, by driving me on my first leg headed north, and back home at the end.

Now it’s time for me to sleep in my own bed. I will have a few sporadic summary and afterthought posts eventually so stay tuned.

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