Recap, Statistics, and Withdrawal

Now that my bike trip is over and I am rejoining the world where I have responsibilities, bills, and other pesky grown-up people things to do, I find that I am going through withdrawal.  Normally, when I return from a trip the first thing I do is unpack.  I hate leaving a suitcase or gear lying around.  I want things back in their place.  After this trip, however, I have had a difficult time unpacking.  In fact, I really haven’t.  Partially because I was home just over 24 hours before leaving on another trip (for a wedding and then a work trip).  Unpacking the trailer would signify that the trip is over, and I am not ready to accept this.  In fact if I left today, I could possibly bike from San Diego to Florida in time for my January start date on the Southern Tier route.  Of course, I am currently on an airplane flying across the country, which makes it difficult to start that ride today. But, if I was at home at least my gear is packed and I’d be ready to go!

I have run some numbers from the trip, that I thought might be fun for folks to see, and if not I enjoy seeing them.

Average Daily Mileage: 61 miles
Median Daily Mileage: 66 miles
Total Mileage: 1097.1 miles
Number of Days on the bike: 18
Number of Rest Days: 1
Total Number of Days: 19

Campsites: 11
Hotel Rooms: 3
Friends Couches, Beds, Floors: 4

Flat Tires: 2 (1 on the bike, 1 on the trailer)  In fact I am going to endorse Michelin Krylion Carbon Road tires.  The only flat I got was during my little crash at Venice Beach.  These tires are great, and I am confident had I not crashed I would have made it flat free all the way down the coast.

Although, I miss the bike touring life, there are a few perks in this so-called “real” world that I do enjoy.  One of my favorite parts of this world are pillows!  In fact as I stayed at friends houses a few nights, I didn’t really care what surface I slept on, but was always excited to lay my head on a real pillow.  I don’t want my down jacket and spare clothes all crammed into a stuff sack to be sad, you really do a great job on the road.  But there is something to be said for a nice fluffy pillow without lumps or stinky clothes inside.

I have also posted more photos from the trip on my flickr account.  You can see them by clicking here.

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