Helmet Cam!

I hope everyone enjoyed Jeanni’s fantastic guest post.  Since she lives in the mountains, I decided the alpine crankypants blog should live vicariously through her epic 50k.  While Jeanni was huffing a puffing in the mountains I was reclining in an airplane on my way back to the swamp.  I arrived back in the swamp in time to drive to the coast to pick up Anneke, one of my awesome friends from college, who was flying into the Jacksonville Airport.  With a little convincing from Anneke, I ended up buying a helmet cam, and fun was had.  If you are considering buying a helmet cam, I highly recommend you do so when Anneke is visiting, because she will teach you everything you need to know about how to edit an amazing film.  Step 1 of course is to have a glass of wine or a beer, which makes the editing even more fun!  On Monday I took the day off work, and Anneke and I headed to St. Augustine to explore.  Check out our version of an afternoon in St. Augustine, condensed into 98 seconds.

st. augustine with avk from spike on Vimeo.

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