I’m old

My 30th birthday is in 11 days, and I have been presented with lots of evidence this weekend that I’m getting old.  First, I spent the weekend planting things in the yard instead of running/biking/climbing/etc, and anytime I find myself choosing yard or housework over playing in the moutains, I feel old.  Second, I learned that I probably have arthritis in my foot, which is contributing to the foot pain.  Definitely makes me feel old.  It’s minor and manageable at this point, but it won’t get better with age.  Third, I threw my back out planting a tree.  Luckily, Linda is in town and was able to immediately work on my back after I injured it, and she even had her acupunture needles, so I am very optimistic about a quick recovery, even though it feels like hell right now.  No 20 mile run tomorrow, though.

One thought on “I’m old

  1. That's what happens when you turn old. I still have plans to run 100 miles though, will let you know if it works out. Rest up. Heal! (If in doubt, have a beer.)

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