Happy birthday to me

Yesterday was my 30th, and I celebrated by spending most of the day giving a talk at NREL and meeting with scientists there and discussing science-y things with them.  Then, Perk and Traci came to visit en-route from San Diego to Chicago and we went to GCB and then Thai food, which was a great way to celebrate.

On Memorial Day, I went up to Evergreen and ran at Alderfer/3 Sisters park.  The goal was to sort of make up for missing my long run by doing a total weekend mileage equivalent to that, so there was the 4-miler Friday, 7.5 Saturday, rest/yoga Sunday, and 10 miles Monday.  I don’t know what it is about Evergreen, but almost every time I run there, it’s wonderful.  Maybe it’s the nice, smooth trails, the fact that it’s always a few degrees cooler, the views, or just the fact that the trails tend to be a little less steep than the front range.  I felt great the entire time I was running there.  Chester was also enjoying the views, although I think she could have used a few more stream crossings.

On Wednesday, I ran to the top of Lookout Mountain.  That also went great, although Chester was lagging a bit more on this one.  Sometimes I wonder how much running is too much for an 8-year-old dog, especially as it gets hotter.  She did great and was energetic at agility that evening, though, so she must not have been too tired.

This weekend is the Golden Gate Dirty Thirty, where I’ll be running the 12-miler.  If it goes well, I might add some more miles in the afternoon to compensate for my lack of long runs lately.  Plus, on Sunday, I’m off to Austin, TX for PVSC, to dork it up and probably not sleep or run enough for a week.

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