Salt Lake is a Miserable Place

Trust me; the city is horrible.  I should know, I recently moved here.

It’s really far away from the mountains, you can hardly see them at all.

Some of the most isolated, empty and spectacular red rock is not within a 4 hour drive.

You can’t go ski tour at the end of May.

photo credit: e. dacus

You can’t go camping on a Thursday after work, catch the sunrise and be at work the next day by 8:45.

You shouldn’t move here.  It’s terrible; I should know, there are way too many hills, the trail running is way too tough.

Stay Away!

(ps – visitors are always welcome)

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mantra: love people, cook them tasty food, love life! Scientist. Engineer. Daughter. Sister. Friend. Coffee snob. Ultra-runner. Skier. Cyclist. Cook. Beer snob. Dog-lover. Volunteer. A former midwesterner, I moved to Utah to play in the mountains and found so much more life waiting for me here.

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