Adele’s 2012 in photos

I’m inspired by Jill to do a 2012 in photos post- here’s a recap of my year.


January – a snowy run up to Bergen Peak.  Calling it a run is a bit of a stretch, since we were postholing at the top.


February – the front range got dumped on a few times last winter (while the mountains got next to no snow).  Chester swims through the powder at White Ranch.


March – the snow finally melted off.  We took advantage of it by going for a warm and sunny run through the Flatirons.


April – Desert RATS trail race in Fruita.  We ran along the Kokopelli trail with amazing views.


May – birthday run up Evergreen Mountain with Chester.  Perfect.


June – North Fork 50K.  Part of the run went through this burn zone.


July – Eccles Pass, Chester’s last run.  One last swim in an alpine lake.


August – Aspen Backcountry Marathon.  Single track through the trees.


September – Pawnee Pass area in Indian Peaks- my kind of fall colors.


October – This is the only photo I took all month.  It was taken from my office window, as I looked out to enjoy the color of the leaves.  I spent most of October indoors working on an NSF proposal.


November – Thanksgiving in Moab.  There were so many good photos from this trip, but this one sums it up- after trail running, mountain biking, and hiking, Boris is finally tired, and takes a nap by a cairn on our way to an unnamed arch (which we called Bonus Arch).


December – Our new puppy, Dessa, charges through the snow on Christmas.

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