Gave Utah Another Go Around the Sun!

And I’m still here…

I don’t know where to start. I don’t have too many photos from this year and they seem to come in spurts.  2014 for me was a whirlwind of sorts filled with stagnancy in life at times and strong bursts of movement at others.  It was a year in which I was forced to let go of someone who I thought was the most important person in my life, and a year where I came back to realizing that you, in fact, are the only person who is ever going to take care of yourself.  Fortunately, I have so many amazing people in my life who were willing to help in that battle and for maybe the first time, I think I learned to let them.  I don’t have photos from every month… well I do… but let’s be honest, you see enough darn Tele photos already that I can’t use them as filler any more.  In lieu of twelve fantastic photos for 2014 with one for every month, I’ll give you fourteen photos that were actually taken in 2014 filled with life, love and some of the best friends, views and dogs that a girl could ask for.

New Year's Day - Ridge Line

The path less traveled, but one of my favorite vantage points in the Wasatch.

The end of 2013 came with the news that my Dad’s mother had passed away, complete with the perfect storm of a massive blizzard on the east coast, exactly where I was trying to go.  After finding out that my flight was canceled — indefinitely– and waiting for the projected 4 1/2 hour wait time for Delta to call me back, I did the next logical thing.  Went on a 4 hour impromptu adventure run.  In reality I actually spent at least an hour of that time, sitting on the ridge, soaking up the new years sun, and absorbing the situation.

Snow angels on a run with my sister.

After flying to the West Coast to fly to the East Coast, I managed to make it in and out of the state between storms.  While my sister and I were in snowy and cold Albany, we figured when life hands you lemons you make lemonade, so if life hands you too much snow, you may as well make snow angels.

Alice Wheeler

All in all, it was sadly wonderful  to see family, and to hear stories of my grandmother, I felt as though I got a glimpse into this wonderful woman who I didn’t know as well I would have liked.  My sister bears an incredible likeness to her (pictured above).Mar2014 (1 of 1)

March soon rolled along and most of my fellow mountain goats came out to play!  Kendra, John, Abbie, Jenny, Ali and Adele all came and filled the house for a great weekend.  Also, I believe that Ali & Jenny ate at the Habit, three times while they were here!!

morning ski

Ski Uphill! Dawn Patrol- photo credit Eric Dacus

April  was filled with business, the skiing slowly trailed off and I snuck in a visit to NOLA to visit my sister.  The month closed out with surprise fresh snow the last week, including a nice solid 10-12″ the day before my birthday.  I ended April with a sunrise birthday trail run with my favorite girl.


Always hunting for something.



Ride and run straight from camp? OK!

May brought me a change of jobs and an impromptu visit to Bend, camping, all by my lonesome, just to get some decompression.  It is moments like that when I think I might figure it all out someday.  June and July came and went quickly, filled with lots of mileage in my Wasatch training, gardening and just life!

On the Dunes near Glen Arbor, MI

August was taken over by a giant road trip to Starlight and Northern Michigan.  Tele, of course, in tow.  Being nearly eaten alive by the Michigan mosquitos was certainly worth it for the scenery that we sometimes bypass mentally when we live in the west.

Aug2014 (1 of 1)-3

On the return trip, I was lucky enough to get a quick stop in Golden to see all sorts of awesome people, AND their puppy dogs.


Wheels on Wheels.  September entailed a lot of mountain time on the Wasatch Crest.  After obliterating my previous race time at Wasatch, the most significant (physical) damage was losing my two big toenails; nonetheless, I still kept moving.


Kendra and myself overlooking Big Cottonwood Canyon


Oct2014 (1 of 1)-2

I took Jenny trail running in the daylight this time!

In October, I was lucky enough to get a visit from, not one, but TWO great friends.  Both weekends filled with spectacular Wasatch trail running, fall colors, and above all, good company.


November became rather dormant on the mountain activity front as Tele and I moved into our own place.  Grateful that we had a safe place to rest our weary bones.

We ended 2014, filled with hope, that this time around might treat the world a little bit better, and grateful for all the love we have in our lives.

I started 2015 with new friends, and old friends, ready find a better path forward than much of the idling of the last two years.  I’m spoiled and have been skiing 5 times already this year, so I’ll leave you with a starting view for this time around. Some friends took me on a great ski tour, with some ridge walking, that pushed my mental comfort zone just to the point to shake your soul with a bit of energy. I walked away from everything about that day, and said “I needed that.” It’s nice to have found people in each different part of your life that can push the little things to help you learn to trust yourself again.


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