who the ?

Adele recently moved to Colorado, and enjoys playing in the mountains with her dogs. She is a climber, hiker, cyclist, and trail runner.

Wheels is a… Scientist. Engineer. Daughter. Sister. Friend. Ultra-runner. I was given the opportunity in January 2011 to do what no responsible scientist/engineer ever does, to go ski, run bike, climb, see friends and family, raise a dog, and figure out how to start my real life. Now I’m running again to chase a dream career and a coveted belt buckle.

Spike needs to write something about herself.

That’s a Big Blister is resetting my career and the desire to live closer to trails an open spaces brought me to Boise, ID. My hobbies may be changing as I adjust to Idaho, but trail running and hiking will always be a favorite.

Kelkelinanutshell needs to write something about herself.

Zimm1 and Zimm2 need to write something about themselves.

John is an aerospace engineer turned asteroid hunter. Fat ass turned runner. Overprotected mama’s boy turned search and rescue volunteer.

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